Interior Decorating

Higdon Home

The Higdon family were about to wrap up their new build and were feeling a little overwhelmed with how to bring their dream of Bohemian Eclectic home to life. We stepped in and helped them find the right items to help complete their aesthetic and left them feeling like their home was everything they had wanted, a collected over time vibe that is exudes coziness and screams "COME ON IN!"

Interior Redesign

Stearns Home

The Stearns Family had a set of unforntunate circumstances occur where just a few days before leaving out of town a pipe burst above their Master Bathroom, ruining their whole bathroom and bedroom. Unsure of where to start, they reached out to Welcome Nest. We stepped in and helped them redesign their space leaving them saying "WOW, I finally feel like I have an adult bedroom!"


When planning a party or gathering, planning out the table can be a last minute item. That's where I come in! Let me help decorate your table and create a true WOW factor that is sure to impress your guests.