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Interior Redesign

Together we can create an exciting and refreshing new look in your space using furniture and accessories you currently own.


Interior Decorating

Assistance in redecorating a space involving new furniture, potential style change, or choices of color schemes.

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Assistance in creating beautiful tablescapes for your guests to enjoy as they devour your delicious meal.


Decorating Fees

My fees are accumulated through an hourly fee based upon your budget, the timeline and the size of the project. I work with you to the best of my ability to keep your costs down by releasing my discounts to you, enabling  us to enlarge your budget or cover the cost of my services.

Things to keep in mind when considering your budget...

The cost of projects can be determined by different aspects that are presented such as, the size of the project (one room vs. the whole house), the time frame in which you would like the project to be completed, any special needs or constraints, as well as availability of resources and materials.

Sometimes simple changes can make a huge difference, such as the use of an impactful color, introduction of different mirrors or lighting, exciting accessories, rearrangement of existing furniture, or even a change in upholstery, none of which needs to be expensive.